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.Rowan Tree Research is the research service offered by me - William. I am a teacher by day, and a keen genealogist and family historian by night. I have been researching my own family for well over twenty years, and know that this bug, when it bites, is fatal. There is always something else to be investigated - a small side story, an interesting piece of social history, and sometimes something very significant indeed.

There is no telling what you may find - even if your ancestors were 'only' agricultural labourers, they had full lives with pleasures and cares much as we do. Be prepared to find family skeletons - we all have them, and whilst we may not like what our ancestors got up to, they did!

My father's side of the family is entirely Scottish (from Moray and the Hebrides), whilst my mother's is completely English (Somerset, Norfolk & Lincolnshire). Most of my wife's ancestry is Northern Irish, and so my expertise is greatest within the confines of the United Kingdom.

I would be delighted to help you begin discovering your own past. I should be able to provide you with an outline family tree with names and dates, and will begin to flesh out these details with old maps, original records and some biographical detail. I will also suggest ways in which you could continue the research for yourself, should you choose to do so. Please contact me to find out more!

Why 'Rowan Tree' Research?

There is a beautiful old Scots song called 'The Rowan Tree', written by Lady Nairne of Perthshire (1766-1845).
Jim Reid sang a great version of it which can be heard here. I think the song explains why I've chosen the name.
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