Specialising in: Scotland, Northumberland, and
County Durham.

Based in the
north-east of England.

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If you have a discount code, please mention this before you make any payment, or the discount may not be applied.

A discount code may only be applied against one piece of research.
It cannot be combined with any other discount code.

Therefore, if you use a 10% discount code against a purchase of 5 hours of research, the total fee to pay will be reduced accordingly.
If you then decide to pay for the research to continue, the 10% discount will continue to apply.
However, once my final report has been emailed or posted to you, the discount code will not be valid for any further work.

Please ask me about anything here which is not clear.

Changes to discount codes

The use of discount codes may change in the future, although any already given out will be honoured under the terms when they were distributed. The percentage discount will remain as stated, although if my prices have changed in the meantime, the new price will be that against which the discount is applied.

Last updated: February 2022.

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