Specialising in: Scotland, Northumberland,
County Durham & Norfolk.

Based in the
north-east of England.

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.I run a three-stage process, meaning that you always know exactly where you are and what your costs are going to be:

1) Contact me so that we can discuss what you already know and what you would like to know.
    This plus some initial research (totalling one hour) is completely free.

2) If you decide to proceed then I charge £20 per hour, plus a one-off documents fee of £50.
    Payment should be made in advance.
    A full refund is guaranteed if, after further research, I am not satisfied that I am able to meet your needs.

3) You will receive a PDF report detailing all my findings, and including all relevant documents found.
     Any balance remaining from the documents fee will be refunded at this point.
     There are other paid options (a printed bound report, for example) but you only decide upon these at the end of the process.
     You do not need to take them.

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