Specialising in: Scotland, Northumberland, and
County Durham.

Based in the
north-east of England.

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What follows is a description of what I offer to the private individual who wishes to have some research done.
Every individual has different needs, and so I believe it would be best for both of us to follow the three-part structure described below.

1) A Free Initial Assessment

I would like to offer you one hour of my time for free, with no obligation attached on either side.
During that time we shall discuss (probably by email, but I can send you a Zoom link if you prefer) what you know and what you would like to know.

Perhaps you have one fairly specific query such as:
  "When did Uncle Walter emigrate to the States? Which ship did he travel on? Did he die in the States? Where is he buried?"

Or perhaps you have a more general query such as:
  "I know that my grandmother was called Ethel Susanna Jenkins, and that she was born in County Durham in the early 1900s.
    I'd like to know as much as possible about her ancestors."

The remainder of the hour will consist of me doing some initial research in order to judge whether I can help you.

Please be aware that high quality research cannot be rushed. If you would like some research done for a loved one's birthday next week, it would be better to make that next year's gift. I will be able to estimate how long a project should take.

2) Paid Research

If we agree that progress is possible then
we can discuss precise arrangements and costs.

When we have agreed the scope and cost of the research I will send you an invoice for payment, which will also include a detailed list of the terms and conditions. Payment of the invoice will indicate that you have agreed to the terms of the contract.

I offer payment structures as shown here.

If you have a discount code, please tell me prior to any payment being made. See more on discounts here.

3) The Report

When you decide that the work completed meets your needs I will finalise the report. This will then be sent to you. The format will be your choice - anything from an emailed PDF to a beautifully bound document.

I look forward to hearing from you - please contact me!

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