Specialising in: Scotland, Northumberland,
County Durham & Norfolk.

Based in the
north-east of England.

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.If you don't want to read everything below at the moment, there is a brief summary here.

Every individual has different needs, and so it is probably impossible to construct generic packages which will suit everyone.

I believe it would be best for both of us to follow the three-part structure described below.
However, if you are interested in a different type of package which you have seen elsewhere, let me know!

1) A Free Initial Assessment

I would like to offer you one hour of my time for free, with no obligation attached on either side.
During that time we shall discuss (by email) what you know and what you would like to know.

Perhaps you have one fairly specific query such as:
  "When did Uncle Walter emigrate to the States? Which ship did he travel on? Did he die in the States? Where is he buried?"

Or perhaps you have a more general query such as:
  "I know that my grandmother was called Ethel Susanna Jenkins, and that she was born in Dereham, Norfolk, in the early 1900s.
    I'd like to know as much as possible about her ancestors."

The remainder of the hour will consist of me doing some initial research in order to judge whether I can help you.

2) Paid Research

If we both agree that progress is possible then I will research as far as I can in a given time, for a minimum of two hours.
The charges for my time, expertise and the purchase of necessary documents (see more here
) are as follows:

              £20 per hour (for a minimum of two hours).
              £50 documents fee (this is payable once, unless we both agree that more is needed).
                     PayPal & bank fees will be deducted from the documents fee.

              To keep things simple, you may want to ask for the 2 hour, 5 hour or 10 hour package:

Bronze: £  90
Silver:   £150
Gold:    £250

The full payment, in almost every case, should be paid before research begins.
If you have a discount code, please tell me prior to any payment being made. See more on discounts here.

If, having started work, I conclude that I cannot make reasonable progress, I will refund the full amount paid (including any fees paid for documents) and describe the difficulties I have found. This will be very rare.

After I conclude the research I will give a brief description of what I have found (and what further research might be done), and you will need to decide whether that is sufficient for your purposes, or whether you wish to pay for further research.

3) The Report

When you inform me that I should not research any further, I will write up my final report.
This will include as many charts as are required to illustrate the relationships being described.

You will receive a PDF by email containing my full findings.
This will include copies of all relevant documents which have been obtained.
The cost of all this is included within the payments described above.

If you then decide that you might be interested in different presentations of your report then please ask me about the possibilities.
For example:

          The full report printed and posted, unbound - one copyxxxxxxxxxx£10
The f          ull report printed and posted, unbound - additional copiesxxx  £3 each

          The full report printed and posted, bound - one copyxxxxxxxxxxxx£35
          The full report printed and posted, bound - additional copiesxxxxx£28 each

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